Brand Design

Client: Micro Cell


The mission of Micro Cell: beautiful hands and firm nails for all those who attach the utmost importance to their appearance. Decades of experience and further development have led to a constant and well-known product portfolio.


The challenge:

Good bye brittle nails.

True to the motto, Micro Cell products have made history and have been found in all drugstores for 20 years now. Keeping a grown brand young without losing sight of its origins has always been an exciting task in this case.



The base

The product range is varied and for over 3 years Hang zum Schönen has accompanied many different projects.

The Projects

Together with the Marketing Team of Micro Cell, The Beauty has already implemented many different product promotions, seasonal promotions and product launches, and it has always been a positive experience to feel and share the motivation throughout the team.

Expanding the brand, presenting it and visualizing the vision behind the brand was the basic claim of every project.


Among the projects were the following Introduction of the SOS Kit and the Nail Beauty Kit.

The SOS kit consists of Micro Cell’s “first responders” against brittle nails – a varnish and a nail polish remover. The handy set is ideal for on the go.

In addition to packaging design, the aim here was to make the product visible at the point of sale – with displays, presentation areas, advertisements and posters, as well as a presentation for product presentation and newsletter creation.


Further projects that Hang zum Schönen has realized for Micro Cell:

Nail Beauty Kit // Green & Clean Nail Repair Remover //Hand Beauty Bags //Clean & Care Pocket Set // MC 7 Multi Performance File // Hello Spring Collection // High Five Collection // Hello Summer Collection // Nail Repair etc.




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