Needles and Skin

Case Study

Client: Needles & Skin

Needles & Skin is a brand of special care products for beauty-treated skin. A team of doctors, patients and pharmacists have put their concentrated knowledge into the development of the products.

The result? Products which, thanks to their carefully selected active ingredients, optimally nourish the skin after treatment.


The challenge:

Beauty treatments are still often a sensitive topic, especially surgical procedures are often concealed. The protection of privacy and the considerate treatment of potential customers also played an important role in the development of the brand. The tone should be rather discreet and at the same time meet the high quality standards of the target group.    

The base

Needles & Skin was at the beginning an idea without a name and a face. In a sprint that lasted several months, together with our client we gave this idea a complete appearance – from the strategy, the branding, to the packaging design and the final brand. As a topping there was a starter package for social media – Needles and Skin is also represented on Instagram and Facebook.

The strategy

In the meetings that followed, we developed the target group, which should be as broad as possible. The personas were surprisingly varied but with each meeting the demands and wishes became clearer.

With a group of investors it is often a challenge to find a common denominator and to formulate a common goal. Each of the investors is an expert in his field and in this case has, among other things, a good wealth of experience in the sub-foundation or extremely well-founded medical know-how and thus a precise insight into the potential customer structure. We have succeeded in formulating common objectives here and in the next step we have concentrated on the image.


The orientation of the design should be equally emphatic, but also clean with the link to the medical area. The logo should reflect this claim, as well as colour, typography and product design and packaging design in the next step. In a next step, we continued to design add-ons that allow the special buying experience when opening the package.

Our Starter-Pack Social Media mainly contains the profile design on Facebook and Instagram as well as the layouts for the first postings.

Further we stand to our customer advisory with advice and act to the side.


Logo development

Final Logo

Branding/Design Board for Needles & Skin



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