Winery Eric Grünewald

Case Study

Client: Winery Eric Grünewald

The vineyard Grünewald is with its owner Eric Grünewald one of the up-and-coming wineries in the area around Bingen. The sun-drenched grapes of the local vineyards are used with great passion to create wonderful wines.

Since his early entry at a young age, Eric Grünewald has been developing his father’s winery into a good address for fine wines with tradition in a trend-conscious manner and with a lot of openness for new things.


The challenge:

Moving a traditional family business into the here and now is always a challenge. Thanks to the great openness of the winery owner, we quickly came to a common denominator and created a new look for a Secco Rouge and the grape juice.



The base

Since 2007, more than 10 years the winery exists under the management of Eric Grünewald. During this time he has preserved tradition and tried out many new ways, developed products further and created new ones. The products are promoted both in regional markets and at many events throughout Germany.

The strategy

On site we were able to gain a good insight into the grown brand “Weingut Grünewald”. It was interesting to hear the history of the winery and to experience a part of it in the traditional wine tavern.


The design requirement was above all to bring something new “to the table”, which optically stands out from the competition through originality, but at the same time reflects the quality of the product.


The new appearance of the Secco Rouge with peach aroma

and the grape juice



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